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icon5Benefits of Hydronic Heating

These systems produce minimal use when in use, allow you to perfectly control the temperature of your home, can provide relief for allergy sufferers, help to keep your home clean, and heat a room’s objects as well as the air.


All of our hydronic heating systems are controlled by thermostat. Most popular versions have a 24 hour program, whereas more sophisticated versions have 7 day and weekday/weekend programming. Multiple thermostats can be installed to control separate zones of your home.

icon5Fuel Sources

Whilst all of our systems are powered by a high efficiency boiler, there are a number of fuel sources to choose from (including natural gas, LPG or electricity).

icon5 Areas We Service

Cambro Boilers can provide hydronic heating to all areas of Melbourne, including: Camberwell, Balwyn, Brighton, Albert Park, South Yarra, Templestowe, Berwick, Malvern, Kew and Mornington.



Panel Radiators
Mounted to the Wall

The radiators are mounted to the wall in each of the rooms that you wish to heat. This is done quite unobtrusively and the panels will fit quite flush to the wall.

One is Enough

For most rooms a single radiator will provide ample warmth. Larger rooms, however, may require two panels to ensure that the space heats up with the rest of the house.

Fed by Pipes

The radiators are fed hot water from pipes that run beneath a timber floor or through the roof space (subject to availability). We will help you to determine the best option.

Floor Coils

Laid under the Floor

The coils are laid beneath the floors of your home, directly into the concrete slab (when it is being poured). The installation can be handled by your plumber or our team.

Heat Transfer

The pipes are designed to warm up the concrete slab, which will then radiate heat into the room above. Most floor coverings are suitable for use with this system.

Even Level of Warmth

The heat will spread throughout every inch of the floor beneath your home, leaving no corner untouched. It will also evenly disperse from the floor to the ceiling.



At Cambro Boilers, we have two slightly different hydronic heating systems to choose from – floor coils are the most popular and are embedded in the concrete slab, whereas panel radiators are mounted to the wall. Both types of system are quite effective at keeping away the winter chill.

If you would prefer your plumber to handle the installation for you, we can provide you with the hydronic heating supplies he will need. This includes your choice of boiler (manufactured in Europe, the home of hydronics), thermostat and all of the components relevant to your system.

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose hydronic heating over other methods of keeping your home warm; check out some of the best ones here!

icon2No Drafts

With no air movement whatsoever, drafts and cold spots will be completely eliminated from your home. This results in an even level of warmth, from floor to ceiling.

icon14 Low Maintenance

These systems require very little maintenance – simply have it professionally serviced every couple of years to ensure its optimal working condition.

icon25 Thermostatically Controlled

All of our systems come equipped with a thermostat, which allows you to control the temperature of your home. Multiple thermostats can be used if you would like zones.

icon5Energy Efficient

Hydronic heating is both energy efficient and cost effective, making it incredibly affordable to run. These systems are also highly environmentally friendly.

Why choose Hydronic Heating over Ducted Heating? Hydronic Ducted
Ideal for use around asthama and other allergy sufferers
Extinguishes the threat of draughts in your home
Silent operation with no noisy fans to disturb your peace and quiet
Low maintenance requirements
Even temperature throughout each room of your home


“We went from not knowing much about hydronic heating to wondering how we ever went without it in only a few short months. Our system is working better than we could have imagined and we haven’t felt the cold once this winter.”
– Jessica Balk
“My wife and I chose hydronic heating because both of our kids suffer from asthma. Since installing the system, we have noticed vast improvements in their health and are happy that they can breathe easy in their own home.”
– Lucas Hoyland
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