The Benefits of Trench Heating
27 March, 2019

Whilst hydronic heating has been used for centuries, its benefits have only recently become well known in Australia – and its popularity has skyrocketed as a result. However, many homeowners are still reluctant to a system within their own houses for the simple reason that they don’t understand how it works! Hydronic heating systems are […]

Why People Choose to Have Hydronic Heating Installed in Their Homes
01 February, 2019

Whilst the weather outside is warm and sunny, it’s the perfect time to consider how you’re going to keep your homes toasty during winter too. Traditional ducted heating is no longer a crowd favourite across the country, with homeowners looking toward more environmentally friendly and energy efficient ways to stay warm instead! If you’re looking […]

Underfloor Heating – An Overview
16 November, 2018

For many, the idea of underfloor heating is a new one – it’s only just beginning to gain popularity in Australia. However, it’s been one of Europe’s most favoured systems for well over 1000 years, and it’s easy to see why. Considered one of the most efficient forms of heating available, it will save you […]

Saving Money On Your Hydronic Heating Services
09 July, 2018

Many people are under the impression that hydronic heating services are more expensive than other forms of heating, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Whilst the up front costs of installation do tend to be a little higher than those of more traditional systems, hydronic services are quite economic and often prove to be cheaper […]

What Type Of Floor Heating System Is Good For My Home?
02 May, 2018

Staying warm and comfortable all winter long can be a challenge, especially if your home utilises a traditional forced-air heating and cooling system. There are serious limits on what these sorts systems can do and the come at the cost of your personal comfort – this is realised every time you step out of the […]

How Much Does Hydronic Heating Installation Cost?
02 February, 2018

If you are considering hydronic heating installation for your home, it stands to reason that you would be wondering about how much it will cost you. This is a difficult question for us to answer, however – as every home is different, the cost of installation will vary from project to project. Nevertheless, there are […]

Smart Facts About Hydronic Trench Heating
15 January, 2018

A relatively new addition to the Australian marketplace, hydronic trench heating operates similarly to panel radiators except that the units are installed in the floor instead of on the wall. They are topped with a grille that allows heat to radiate upwards into the room beyond. If you are interested in installing this type of […]

Why Choose A Hydronic Heating System If You Want Floor Heating?
31 July, 2017

Keeping your home warm during the winter can be a challenge, particularly if it’s heated with a traditional fan-forced system. The heated air often escapes your home before it’s had a chance to warm it up. This not only means your home is cold, it can lead to increases in energy costs as the system […]

How On Earth Does Air Get Into Hydronic Floor Heating In Melbourne?
11 November, 2013

As you may be aware, hydronic floor heating in Melbourne utilises hot water to heat a home during cold weather. The water is heated to a desired temperature in a boiler before flowing through pipes that have been laid in the slab; the heat transfers up through the floor and into the room. The presence […]

How To Design A Hydronic Heating System That Runs Off Hot Water In Melbourne
19 October, 2012

Many homeowners are opting to change their heating systems over to hydronic because they are more energy efficient and will end up saving them thousands on heating bills. Hydronic floor heating systems operate by generating hot water in Melbourne and pumping it through pipes beneath the floor; the heat is transferred up into the room […]