Keep Your Kew Home Warm All Winter With Cambro Boiler’s Hot Water Floor Heating Systems
22 February, 2013

The winters in Melbourne’s suburb of Kew are known for being bitterly cold at the best of times, so finding the most effective way to keep your home and family warm is often a top priority. At Cambro Boilers, we are proud to offer our customers an energy efficient floor heating system that is operated […]

Choose Cambro Boilers For Hydronic Heating And Panel Radiators In Camberwell
19 December, 2012

As Camberwell is a fairly attractive suburb, you will require a fairly attractive heating system to go with it. At Cambro Boilers, we are able to supply you with hydronic heating or some panel radiators that are not only incredibly attractive, they are also able to provide your home with exceptional warmth. Hydronic heating is the […]

How To Adjust A Central Heating Thermostat
24 September, 2012

It is recommended that you check and adjust the thermostat of your central heating system at least a few times a year, every few weeks during the times of the year when the system is being used a lot and then once during the time of year when it is hardly used at all. Not […]