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icon5 Perfect for pre-existing homes

Our panel radiators are mounted to the wall in each room that you wish to heat and are fed by pipes that run either beneath the floor or through the roof space. These units provide heat with an easy means of passing through into the room beyond and warming it to your desired temperature.

icon5 Ideal central heating alternative

Did you know that ‘central heating’ is a phrase that is simply used to describe the technique of heating your entire home from a single location? With our systems, the most common heat source is a gas boiler that generates hot water and passes it through pipes distributed throughout the home.

icon5 Thermostatically controlled

At Cambro Boilers, we ensure that our panel radiators are thermostatically controlled to ensure that your home is heated to your desired temperature. The addition of thermostatic heads also means that the radiators will be turned on and off when they reach this temperature.

icon5 Option for heated towel rails

When having a panel radiator system installed in your home, we also offer the option of having heated towel rails added to your bathrooms. These hydronically heated rails ensure that your towels are nice and warm when you get out of the shower, getting rid of those winter chills.



Are panel radiators safe to use in my home?

It is perfectly safe to use these radiators in your home, even around young children and pets who don’t understand the dangers of hot things. Even though the unit will grow quite warm, there is no way that it will be hot enough to burn or blister the skin.

Can furniture be placed close to panel radiators?

The short answer to this question is yes, there is no issue with placing furniture directly in front of the radiators (meaning, this will not create a fire hazard). It will, however, restrict the circulation of heat around the room and the temperature of the room as a whole.



icon5Benefits of Radiators

Our panel radiators make hardly any noise, can be independently temperature controlled, provide relief for allergy/asthma sufferers, offer an even level of warmth throughout the room, and have a fantastic streamlined appearance.


There are around 120 stock panel sizes available in Australia (from 300mm to 900mm) and heights of up to 3m. Other sizes are available upon request, however, there will be a longer wait and increased cost.


Our radiators come in the standard high gloss white colour. A variety of colours are, however, available from the Dulux powder coat range (from pearl white gloss through to grey nurse gloss) at an additional cost.

icon5 Areas We Service

Cambro Boilers can provide radiators to all areas of Melbourne, including: Camberwell, Balwyn, Brighton, Albert Park, South Yarra, Templestowe, Berwick, Malvern, Kew and Mornington.

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