Towel Rails

From heating the bathroom and keeping your towels cleaner for longer, our heated towel rails have many benefits that every family is sure to enjoy

Richmond chrome towel rail

richmond chrome towel rail

iconic chrome towel rail

iconic chrome towel rail

bdo poLl

bdo poll

Why towel rails?

Toasty, dry towels
There is nothing quite like wrapping yourself in a toasty, warm towel after bathing in the middle of winter. The added bonus is that your towels won’t take days to dry after being used – the towel heater will dry them quickly and efficiently, keeping them more hygienic for far longer.
Aesthetically pleasing
There are only two narrow tubes running into the unit from the floor, which carry the heated water into the system – you won’t have to worry about messy cords and plugs with our towel rails! This makes for a seamless appearance that complements your bathroom with ease.
Acts as a room heater
Our bathroom towel racks can also function as a room heater, helping to keep your bathroom toasty and warm when it’s cold outside. They function similarly to our radiators, emanating heat outwards into the room and heating it up quickly. The unit can also operate on a separate system to the rest of your home.
Electric element for summer
What if you want dry towels all year round but don’t relish the idea of using heating during the summer? Our towel rails are also fitted with an electric element that enables you to dry your towels quickly, even in the middle of summer, without needing to turn the hydronics on.

towel rail designs

Sani Accolade towel rail

sani accolade towel rail

BDO Trim towel rail

bdo trim towel rail

horizontal towel rail

horizontal towel rail

Griffin towel rail

griffin towel rail

Ice bagno towel rail

ice bagno towel rail

More about towel rails

Our range of standard towel rails for bathrooms is available in two options – white and chrome. These neutral colours are sure to complement the fixtures of any bathroom, enabling them to stand out or blend in as desired.
We also have a range of designer towel rails available, which are perfect if you’re looking to make a statement. Whether you want to spoil the family or impress your guests with a truly opulent bathroom experience, we have the answer.
Our units are available in a variety of sizes to ensure that they meet your bathroom and heating needs. Whether you only need a small rowel rail or a large one, we can help you to select one to match.
Areas We Service
Cambro Boilers can provide heated towel rails to all areas of Melbourne, including: Camberwell, Balwyn, Brighton, Albert Park, South Yarra, Templestowe, Berwick, Malvern, Kew and Mornington.


Are towel rails safe to use in my home?

It is perfectly safe to use hydronic towel rails in the home. There is no way that the unit will grow hot enough to burn or blister the skin, as well as to ignite any towels that you’re drying.

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