Trench Heating

Don’t want to compromise on the architectural design of your home with panel radiators? Trench heating could be the ideal solution

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Why trench heating?

Ideal when you lack wall space
If your home has floor to ceiling windows or large sliding doors, you may have discovered that panel radiators simply aren’t an option. In these situations, underfloor trench heating could be the perfect alternative. The system is laid beneath the floor with a grille that allows heat to escape.
Suitable for any type of flooring
No special flooring needed here – trench heating grilles are compatible with any type of flooring you can think of, from carpet and floorboards through to natural stone and tiles. The grille sits flush with the level of the floor, ensuring a seamless and relatively unobtrusive finish.
Similar operation to radiators
Apart from the fact that the system is installed underneath the floor instead of on the wall, trench heating and panel radiators actually have quite a similar operation. A boiler heats water to the desired temperature before passing it through to the unit; heat from the water radiates up into the room.
Walk on top of the grilles
Don’t worry about cracking or even breaking through the grilles – their strong and durable design means that they can be walked over with ease. This ensures that the system can be installed wherever you want – you don’t have to worry about finding a hidden corner where no one is likely to walk.

More about trench heating

Timber or aluminium
Our grilles are available in a choice of timber or aluminium, ensuring that they will complement your home with ease. Both material options are incredibly strong and able to be walked upon.
Quiet operation
Unlike ducted systems, floor trench heating doesn’t use fans to force heat out of the cavity (instead, it operates using the convection method). This means that the whole system is almost silent when turned on.
Thermostatically controlled
To ensure that your home is heated to the desired temperature, all underfloor trench systems are controlled via thermostat. It is also possible to divide your home up into zones, so you only heat the rooms you need.
Areas We Service
Cambro Boilers can provide trench heating prices or trench heating cost to all areas of Melbourne, including: Camberwell, Balwyn, Brighton, Albert Park, South Yarra, Templestowe, Berwick, Malvern, Kew and Mornington.


Can I used trench heating instead of slab heating?

In short, the answer is no. Slab heating requires a concrete slab, as this is what the pipe work is laid into. Trench convectors cannot be installed in a concrete slab, as you require space under the floor for the unit.

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