Cambro Boilers specialise in the supply and installation of custom hydronic floor heating systems. We utilise boilers that have been manufactured and shipped directly from Europe coupled with quality floor coils and panel radiators. If you prefer, we also offer all of the hydronic floor heating supplies needed and you can arrange to have your plumber install the system for you.

Hydronic underfloor heating is perfect for keeping your feet warm in any room of the house, from the living areas all the way through to the bathroom. You don’t have to worry about your feet turning into ice blocks during the cold winter months. We can also install heated towel rails in conjunction with under floor heating installations, ensuring that your family is provided with the most luxurious bathing experience possible.

Our hydronic slab heating comes fully equipped with a state of the art thermostat, which you can use to control the temperature of your home and to set various programs (such as Eco and Holiday modes).

icon5Benefits of Floor Heating

Many of our clients found that hydronic in floor heating systems help them to save money on their heating bills, they make for comfortable floors (even with bare feet!), and they help to keep your family healthy (with less dust and airborne bacteria).

icon5 Pipes

Our floor heating systems are comprised of insulated polyurethane pipe, which can be installed quickly, is corrosion is maintenance free, is resistant to many chemicals, is durable, is environmentally friendly and offers high performance.


Alongside the 6 year workmanship warranty that we offer on our installation, each of the systems we supply is protected by a manufacturer’s warranty. This period is generally 2 years, however, it does differ for some models.

icon5Areas We Service

Cambro Boilers can provide floor heating to all areas of Melbourne, including: Camberwell, Balwyn, Brighton, Albert Park, South Yarra, Templestowe, Berwick, Malvern, Kew and Mornington.


Key Benefits of Under Floor Heating Systems

icon5Improved room appearance

As underfloor hydronic heating systems are completely hidden underneath the floor, there aren’t any radiators or ducts to contend with. Not only will this ensure that your room has a clean and streamlined appearance, it also ensures that you have maximum floor and wall space to place furniture.

icon5Low maintenance costs

The maintenance required by under slab heating systems is virtually non-existent, resulting in some serious savings for your hip pocket. This is in direct comparison to ductwork, which needs to be regularly cleaned to ensure that air is flowing through the system properly.

icon5Faster water evaporation in wet areas

When water is present on the floors of your bathroom or laundry, you’ll find that it evaporates far quicker when you have a hydronic in floor heating system installed. As well as helping to reduce the occurrence of mold growth, it will ensure that your home is safe (no more slipping).

icon5Lower heating bills

Did you know that hydronic underfloor heating systems can help you to lower your heating bills? This is because of the way that hot water floor heating operates – concrete floor heating warms from the floor up and heats the objects in the room as opposed to the air, which means that you can have the thermostat set lower.

icon5Programmable and time able

The best hydronic floor heating systems can be programmed and placed on a timer so that they switch on and off whenever you desire. Turn it on before you get up in the morning or half an hour before arriving home from work, ensuring that your home is the perfect temperature at all times.

icon5Environmentally friendly

You will find that many of the more old-fashioned heating systems (such as ducted) rely on energy sources that aren’t renewable. Home floor heating systems, on the other hand, can easily be connected to greener energy sources. You’ll be doing your bit for the environment!



icon5 Perfect for homes under construction

Because underfloor heating requires pipes to be laid directly into the concrete slab of your home, it is really only recommended for new homes that are being built. If you live in a pre-existing home, we do offer a number of other options that will still allow you to enjoy a hydronic system.

icon5 Suitable for all flooring types

Many homeowners are worried that their home will not be suited to hydronic radiant floor heating because of the type of flooring that they have selected. Under floor tile heating is able to work in conjunction with most types of flooring, including: tiles, timber, natural stone pavers and even carpet.

icon5 Reduced need to clean your home

A Cambro Boilers hydronic heating system does not involve any air circulation whatsoever. This means that dust, dirt and other allergens will be prevented from circulating around your home, lessening the amount of time that you need to spend vacuuming and dusting.

icon5 Ideal for homes with high ceilings

It is a well known fact that heat rises, which makes under tile floor heating systems the perfect solution for homes that feature stunning high ceilings. The heat will enter the room through the floor and slowly make its way up to the ceiling, resulting in an even temperature throughout the entire room.



Is floor heating safe to use in my home?

It is completely safe to use heating under floor in your home, as the pipes are embedded within the concrete slab – you actually won’t have access to them. The temperature of the heat radiating out of the floor is about 27 degrees Celsius, which is no warmer than the sun on a tiled floor.

Can floor heating be installed in a two storey home?

Whilst it may be possible to have one of these systems installed in the second storey of your home, depending on the way it is being constructed, Cambro Hydronic Heating recommends the use of panel radiators for the top level. Please contact us for more information on this issue.

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